Who should face Undertaker at Wrestlemania 34?

News has been trickling out of the WWE that Undertaker is looking for another match at Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans next year. Many thought “The Dead Man” was done wrestling after he lost to Roman Reigns earlier this year at Wrestlemania 33. Reigns vs Taker went on last and it was presented as Undertaker’s last match. Since the match Reigns has been telling fans that he retired the WWE legend everytime he’s on the mic on RAW. But with reputable sources like Jim Ross claiming that Undertaker could come back for one more you have to wonder who it would be against.

There’s a lot of younger guys on the WWE roster who could use the rub from being with Taker at Mania but there’s some older stars too who would love to have that opportunity. Let’s break them down.

Sting and Undertaker have been linked for years but never faced off in a WWE ring. The two crossed paths in WCW during the 90s but back then “Mean Mark” was on his way up and Sting was one of the top guys. If it hasn’t happened by now, it’s not happening. As much as I’d love to see Sting vs “The Dead Man” both are in their 50s and aren’t in their primes anymore. I doubt Vince McMahon would put two broken down legends in a position on a big show only to disappoint fans by having a bad match.

Like Sting, Goldberg and Undertaker never had a match in the WWE. Goldberg had a run in the WWE but was involved in feuds with Triple H and Brock Lesnar but never got around to facing Taker. The two had a run in last year at the Royal Rumble that resulted in Goldberg being thrown out by Undertaker. If the WWE wanted to set something up between the two they could easily go back to the Rumble to get it going. However, since the WCW legend is in his 50s he’s in the same boat as Sting. I don’t think Vince McMahon would put two 50 year olds in the ring with each other at Mania, especially when there are younger guys who can bump for them and make them look good.

Brock Lesnar
Brock and Taker have a long historic rivalry. However, Taker vs Lesnar has been played out over the years and after their weird finish at Summerslam 2015 I think fans really lost interest in seeing it again. However since Lesnar did break “The Streak” Vince McMahon could easily go to this Lesnar vs Taker as his “The Dead Man’s” last Wrestlemania match to avenge the loss at Wrestlemania 30.

Randy Orton
Orton and Taker have had matches at Summerslam and Wrestlemania. Orton can have good matches with anyone but I just dont’ see McMahon going back to the well one more time for Orton vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania 34.

AJ Styles
AJ Styles and Undertaker have never faced off in a WWE ring. Styles was tearing up TNA, New Japan and Ring of Honor for the past twenty years and never got around to wrestling Taker. Styles has been outspoken about his desire to face “The Dead Man” but I don’t think he will get the match at Wrestlemania 34. Styles has been linked to a match with Shinsuke Nakamura at Mania and I just don’t see Vince McMahon putting him in the ring with Taker right now. If Undertaker is coming back it will likely be against a younger guy to help get over.

Braun Strowman
If Undertaker is coming back Braun Strowman should be the guy to put him with. Strowman is going to be a force for years to come and having him beat Taker at Wrestlemania 34 would be a good way to build “The Monster Among Men” up into a top tier guy. However, Strowman is still pretty green and I don’t think he’s the best option to put in with Undertaker next Spring.

Jinder Mahal
Jinder Mahal won the belt earlier this year and has managed to hold onto it during the summer. If the WWE wants fans to take him seriously as a main eventer putting him in a big match against Undertaker makes a lot of sense. However, due to the way the WWE has stopped and started with him in the past I don’t thing McMahon and Triple H see him as a top guy and therefore won’t be facing Taker at Wrestlemania 34.

Finn Balor
Finn Balor vs Undertaker would be a lot of fun. Hell, the entrances alone would be outstanding. Triple H loves Balor and I could see him getting the nod to face Taker at Mania if Vince McMahon will get onboard. Balor could flip and flop all over the ring, selling for Undertaker all night long until it’s time for him to make his comeback and get the win. Balor vs Taker is possible for Wrestlemania 34.

Roman Reigns
I know we saw it last year and Reigns pinned “The Dead Man” clean in the middle of the ring. Unless you have Undertaker coming back to get a win over Reigns at Mania I don’t see this happening again. Vince McMahon wants to build up Reigns and he gains little by beating Undertaker twice and I don’t see Taker beating Reigns since he’s the future of the WWE. A rematch is not going to happen.

John Cena
As much as the WWE wants you to believe that Cena vs Taker is a dream match, it’s happened before. They did it in 2003 on a pay per view and they did it again on Smackdown. Sure Cena has become one of the biggest stars in the business since then but I think Cena and Undertaker both need to face younger guys at Mania to help elevate the next generation of guys who will carry the company going forward. However, We know that McMahon doesn’t mind putting older part-timers together at Wrestlemania because he did it last year with Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg. Both men should’ve wrestled younger talents but McMahon was dead set on putting them together one more time to get interest in Wrestlemania from casual fans. Cena vs Taker is possible.

Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose is the Drew Brees of the WWE. He shows up and does his job everynight. Ambrose is a perennial All-Pro who gets stuck in the shadow of other guys like Tom Brady (John Cena) and Peyton Manning (Brock Lesnar). Ambrose can win a title or he can be in a tag team. He is stuck in the top middle tier and can go up and down the card depending on how Vince McMahon feels that day. If the WWE wants to get serious about Ambrose put him against Taker at Wrestlemania 34 and let him retire “The Dead Man”. Ambrose will be around for years to come and I think the WWE needs to stop taking him for granted. Rewarding him with Taker’s last match is only fitting. Ambrose vs Taker is possible, not probable.

Seth Rollins
If there’s one guy who is Triple H approved and can give the Undertaker a great match it’s Seth Rollins. Rollins has the knock for being unsafe in the ring after hurting Sting and Cena a few years ago but I think the WWE will overlook that when it comes to who they want to retire the Undertaker. Rollins was the hottest heel in the company when he turned on the Shield and aligned himself with Triple H. If the WWE wanted break Rollins off from Ambrose putting him in a match with Taker is the way to make him a top star once again. Undertaker is going out looking at the lights and I see a scenario where Triple H pushes for Rollins over anyone else. Rollins is very likely to be the opponent for Undertaker in his final WWE match.

What do you think? Is there anyone you’d like to see? Sound off in the comments below.