Triple H 2016

Triple H Returns to the WWE, Beats Rusev in Chile

Last week the injury bug hit the WWE. Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas and Roman Reigns all fell out of TLC due to an illness. Then, Kevin Owens had to leave the Smackdown tour of South America for a family emergency and it looked like the WWE was falling apart. Vince McMahon dusted off Kurt Angle and inserted him into the main event of TLC and pulled AJ Styles off the tour to wrestle Finn Balor at the pay per view. Triple H also answered the call and volunteered to wrestle in place of Owens in Chile.

Earlier today Triple H stepped back into the ring for the first time since Wrestlemania 33 to face Rusev at a WWE Live Event. Triple H got the clean pin on “The Bulgarian Brute” after hitting him with a Pedigree.

The WWE generally always wants to leave the fans happy on house shows and by having “The Game” come back after six months on the shelf was a good call considering they had advertised Owens and Styles leading up to the show. Putting the former champ over Rusev, wasn’t exactly a good move according to internet wrestling fans who are sick and tired of seeing him jobbed out after being over each week on Smackdown.

It will be interesting to see what happens on RAW tomorrow. Will AJ Styles stay on RAW or be shipped back to the Blue Brand? How will Kurt Angle look in his first WWE match in 11 years. Will there be a trade or an announcement made to keep Triple H wrestling or will he go back to running NXT and lurking behind the scenes waiting to appear again before Wrestlemania 34? Monday and Tuesday’s shows should be a lot of fun.