Bellator 149 poster

Royce Gracie vs Ken Shamrock Fight Video from Bellator 149

Last night in Houston, TX MMA fans got to see the third and supposedly last fight between Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie at Bellator 149. The fight was lackluster but seemed like a classic after following Dada 5000 vs Kimbo Slice.

Gracie caught Shamrock with a knee to the groin followed by a knee to the chin that sent him crumpling to the ground. Gracie rained down punches until the ref stopped the fight. Shamrock was livid about being fouled and made a scene until he regained his poise and shook Gracie’s hand when the decision was announced.

Shamrock asked for a fourth fight with Gracie in the post-fight press conference but at 52 years of age and having not won a fight since 2010 hopefully he will come to his senses and retire.

Check out the video below.