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Royce Gracie beats Ken Shamrock by TKO in 1st Round (Video)

Kimbo Slice and Dada 500 made it pretty for Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie to put on a good performance after their snoozefest in the co-main event at Bellator 149 in Houston. Gracie and Shamrock weren’t in their prime but their rivalry came to anti-climatic conclusion in the main event in the Lone Star State.

Gracie hit Shamrock with a knee to the groin followed by a knee to the chin that sent him to the mat. Gracie got on top and was landing hammer fists until the ref jumped in and stopped the fight in the first round.

Bellator tweeted out video of the end of the fight.

At first it appeared that Shamrock was trying to stir something up but after the replay Gracie actually hit him in the crotch with an illegal knee. But at their advanced age the ref had to step in early to stop the fight when it looked like Shamrock was in trouble.

Hopefully we don’t get Shamrock-Gracie 4.