Ronda Rousey UFC 207

Ronda Rousey’s crew get into it with Four Horsewomen at Mae Young Classic

We’ve been seeing subtle signs that Ronda Rousey may be headed to the WWE since she lost to Amanda Nunes last December. She appeared at Wrestlemania 31 several years ago with The Rock and a few months ago started following several WWE Superstars on Twitter. Rousey was spotted with Stephanie McMahon earlier this week at the ESPYs and last night she was photographed being welcomed to the WWE Mae Young Classic by Triple H.

As you can tell by the old school “Macho Man” Randy Savage shirt Rousey is a huge WWE fan. That’s why it was no surprise when Rousey and her 4 Horsewomen got into it with Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Bayley tonight at the Mae Young Classic in Orlando.

Shayna Baszler won her match in the quarterfinals of the all women’s tournament against Candice LeRae and turned around to give the 4 Horsemen symbol to Charlotte, Becky and Bayley who were sitting ringside. The internet almost exploded as Rousey and her crew got heated with the three WWE stars standing across from them.

The WWE could put something together pitting Rousey, Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir and Baszler against Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Becky Lynch for Summerslam. They could even build up for Rousey to take on Charlotte at Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans next April. Rousey vs Charlotte could even be big enough to headline the show.

If you are wondering about Rousey’s UFC contract, Dana White owes Vince McMahon a favor and could allow her to compete at Mania since the WWE gave Brock Lesnar permission to fight at UFC 200 last summer against Mark Hunt. White has gone on record stating that he thought Rousey was done fighting and a match in the WWE makes so much sense giving how big a fan she is of sports entertainment.

I would imagine Baszler will run the table and win the tournament setting herself as the main foil to Charlotte, Lynch, Sasha and Becky when Rousey isn’t around.

The semifinals and finals of the Mae Young Classic will be taped in September but I doubt the WWE will make us wait that long to see what is going on with Rousey. It’s not known exactly when the first three rounds will air but I imagine with the buzz Rousey is getting on Twitter something will be mentioned on RAW Monday.