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Is UFC looking at Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar for December?

The rumor going around online is that Brock Lesnar’s return to the UFC is inevitable. It’s no secret that Lesnar isn’t a pro wrestling fan and only shows up a few times a year because Vince McMahon is paying him insane amounts of money to do so. Lesnar competed at UFC 200 and defeated Mark Hunt but then got popped for failing a USADA test and hasn’t fought since.

Now with rumblings about Lesnar potentially losing his WWE Universal Title at Summerslam next month he could be going back to the UFC to fight later this year. Although, Vince McMahon would have to sign off on anything Lesnar wants to do because they won his rights until next April.

Today Dave Meltzer broke the internet when he announced that the UFC is looking at matching Lesnar up with Jon Jones in December. A Lesnar-Jones fight would have the potential to be one of the biggest fights in UFC history and help the promotion finish the year strong. It’s no secret that the UFC is struggling to produce new stars since Georges St. Pierre, Dan Henderson, Ronda Rousey and Lesnar retired from fighting. By bringing Lesnar back for a fight with Jones the UFC could stack the undercard with young, up and coming fighters like Max Holloway, Francis Ngannou, Jimmie Rivera, Jason Knight, etc… to help fans get acquainted to the future stars of the company.

Jones mentioned today on the UFC Unfiltered podcast that he is open to fighting at heavyweight but wanted to be smart about matchups and wanted to fight smaller heavyweights who weigh around 230 pounds. Lesnar, of course, has to cut weight to 265 and would be a lot bigger than “Bones”. It’s obvious the UFC would want Jones to win because Lesnar defeating one of their top guys then retiring would be for future plans with the former light heavyweight champ.

Ultimately we will have to see what happens with Jones vs Cormier this weekend at UFC 214. Should Jones win or lose he would still be in position to fight Lesnar. If he gets hurt or cut and receive a medical suspension the fight could be put on ice until next year.

Also, if Lesnar loses the WWE Title next month at Summerslam it could be a sign that he is headed back to the UFC. A lot has to play out but Lesnar vs. Jones make a lot of sense and dollars should it get made.