Enzo Amore

Is the WWE setting up Enzo Amore vs Conor McGregor for Wrestlemania 34?

Right now Enzo Amore is knee deeps in a feud with his former tag team partner, Big Cass but it looks like Vince McMahon may have big plans for “Smacktalker Skywalker” next year. Enzo tweeted Conor McGregor last month out of the blue making many WWE fans start to wonder if there was something brewing for the two at Wrestlemania 34 next April.

Since the tweet Enzo has mentioned the UFC lightweight champ several times on RAW the past few weeks even though he’s currently in a program with Cass. Despite being in the biggest angle of his career why is he talking about McGregor so much? Last year there was a little buzz about “Notorious” coming into the WWE for a match at Wrestlemania 33 but it never materialized. Next Spring in New Orleans could be a different story.

Brock Lesnar appeared at UFC 200 last summer despite being under contract to the WWE. Apparently there is a handshake deal in place with Dana White and McMahon for the WWE to use a big name or two whenever they need to call in the favor for sending in Lesnar to help with the biggest show in UFC history. There was talk of bringing in Paige Van Zant earlier this year for Mania but it fell through and now the chatter is McGregor could be WWE-bound for a one off at Wrestlemania 34.

McGregor is set to box Floyd Mayweather later this year and win, lose or draw the bout will only make his star shine brighter in the media. McMahon sees that and may have a deal in place for him to come to New Orleans to face a WWE Superstar. If that’s the case, Enzo is the perfect guy to match McGregor with. Enzo can talk with the best of them and would be a lot of fun to watch in the ring with McGregor bantering back and forth to hype their showdown at Mania. Enzo is also the perfect opponent because McGregor isn’t going to lose if he comes into the WWE. A loss to McGregor isn’t going to hurt Enzo Amore because he’s not a guy who is going to be a main eventer for years to come.

If McGregor came in and beat someone like Cass, Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose it would hinder them from being taken seriously as a main eventer and hurt their drawing power. By putting Enzo in a match with McGregor the WWE is going for entertainment and not going to hurt their brand by having the UFC champ going over.

It’s thought that Enzo will head to 205 Live on the WWE Network and compete in the cruiserweight division after his feud with Big Cass comes to a close. Enzo is one of the smallest guys on RAW and he’s never going to be a main eventer who competes against Braun Strowman or Brock Lesnar due to the size difference. Enzo could breathe new life into the cruiserweight division and have some great matches with Austin Aries and Neville. By the time Wrestlemania 34 comes around Enzo could be the cruiserweight champ and the WWE could force a lot of fans to pay $9.99 to sign up for the WWE Network to see McGregor challenge Enzo. McGregor is a big star all over the world and especially in Ireland. The WWE could make a ton of cash from his fans by forcing them to buy the WWE Network just to see him.

Nothing is in stone but you have to wonder why Enzo is calling McGregor out when it would be just as easy to call out someone like Lebron James for choking in the NBA Finals. Where there is smoke, typically there is fire. We’ll have to wait until early 2018 to see if Enzo vs Conor McGregor really is going to happen.