McGregor UFC 196

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Fight Video

Going into the big fight tonight Conor McGregor was counted out by all the critics and sportsbooks. As a +500 favorite going into the fight with Floyd Mayweather the UFC lightweight champ wasn’t getting much respect. With seven knockouts in his UFC career you couldn’t count McGregor out. Despite never having a pro boxing match the UFC arranged for their champ to face off against one of the greatest of all time.

Floyd Mayweather was 49-0 going into the fight with McGregor and had a lot to lose. Not only was he defending his perfect record Mayweather also was carrying the sport of boxing on his shoulder to the ring with him as he wanted to show the world what the sweet science was all about and show that a great boxer could beat a great mixed martial artist in the ring. That’s a lot of pressure for one man in a fight of this magnitude. On the other hand, McGregor also had to carry the banner for not only the UFC but MMA as well. As the champ in the UFC at 155 pounds he needed to get the win to increase his clout in the company and with promoter Dana White.

Did Mayweather get the win and shut up all the Irish fans who flew to Vegas to watch their beloved McGregor in his debut as a boxer? Or did the brash UFC champ put another notch on his belt and take out a boxing legend to add to his legacy. McGregor has been telling anyone and everyone that he was going to be the guy to take out Mayweather and even predicted a knockout to hand him his first loss tonight in Las Vegas in the T-Mobile Arena.

It was a wild night in boxing. There really were no losers as the UFC and Mayweather promotions made a killing. Check out the video below. No spoilers.