UFC Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier issues first comments after loss to Jon Jones at UFC 214

It was a bad night for Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 Saturday night. Not only did he lose to his rival Jon Jones for the second time, he was knocked out and finished for the first time in his MMA career. After the fight was over Cormier tried to leave the octagon only to be pushed back in and then have a microphone pushed in front of his face by Joe Rogan as the former champ was sobbing.

Today Cormier issued his first comments after the shocking loss on his Instagram account.

First off, thank you all for the kind words. I have felt the support. Congratulations to Jon Jones and his team. They did a phenomenal job and got the victory. Also, to Big John McCarthy, I would like to apologize for acting up with you. I am thankful for the time you gave me to try and defend myself and stay in the fight. You are the best in the business for a reason. I also wanna thank my team and my coaches. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Your time and energy is greatly appreciated. You guys did a wonderful job, I was ready. It’s a fist fight and things happen. Dana White and the @ufc, thank you for being the premiere organization in all of MMA. Again, congrats to Team Jones and JacksonWink. Love you all. I’ll see you soon. DC

Cormier is now at a crossroads in his MMA career. Despite wins over Anthony Johnson and Alexander Gustaffson as the champ “DC” will likely have to move to the heavyweight division since he’s lost twice to Jones, who now has the belt. It’s very rare we see a guy get a third fight with the champ after two losses. A third fight could be possible if Cormier cleans out the division and leaves no other contender for Jones but a move to heavyweight makes the most sense.

Cormier only dropped to 205 to avoid a potential fight with Cain Velasquez who was the champ when he came over from Strikeforce several years ago. Velasquez has been on the shelf due to injury and Cormier could likely avoid him unless it came down to the two of them as the top dogs in the division.

At 38 years of age retirement could be an option. 38 is pretty old for anyone in the UFC and Cormier has become a respected analyst for Fox at big fights around the country. If he wanted to retire from fighting I’m sure he would be welcomed full-time by the guys at Fox.

“DC” is under a medical suspension from the KO at UFC 214 and I would imagine we see him take some time and due some commentating before he makes his mind up about what’s next for him at heavyweight or 205.