Southpaw Regional Wrestling

WWE Rolls Out Southpaw Regional Wrestling

Back in 1987 the world was a different place. There was no DVR or DirecTV and if you couldn’t watch a show live you had to record it on your VCR. Wrestling too, was a little different. There was the WWF, NWA and other smaller promotions all over the country. Now according to the WWE they have uncovered video from Southpaw Regional Wrestling and have put the videos up on their Youtube Channel.

Tex Ferguson (Luke Gallows) and Chadd 2 Badd (Karl Anderson) have a rivalry and kick off the videos introducing their characters and why exactly they are going to wrestle at Lethal Leap Year. Chett Chetterfield (Fandango) and Lance Catamaran (John Cena) are the announcer that talk you through what is going on. John Johnson (TJ Perkins) gets chewed out by Clint Bobski (Chris Jericho) and Pelvis Wesley (Heath Slater) tries to sell some t-shirts.

In Video #2 we meet Big Bart (Rusev) as he explains to Clint Bobski his issues with The Banker (Tyler Breeze). We also get introduced to The Surf Duded with Attitudes (Ascension without makeup).

Video #3 kicks off with Catamaran and Pelvis Wesley then goes to a blinded Tex Ferguson who has been blinded. We are introduced to La Barba Grande (Bo Dallas under a mask, I think).

In Video #4 we find out that the promotion is bankrupt and Big Bart will be facing the Sea Creature instead of the Banker at Lethal Leap Year. Chadd 2 Badd taunts a blind Tex Ferguson.

The videos are a parody of Memphis wrestling back in the 80s when Lance Russell called the action and promoters had wrestlers dress up like Jason and Freddy to compete on the TV show.

Tex Ferguson is basically the same character that Luke Gallows does on Chris Jericho’s podcast, Sex Ferguson. He and Karl Anderson have always been quite entertaining and the Southpaw videos is a good way to let them be creative and have some fun.

It’s not known if the WWE will make more videos. The way it ended it seemed like it was a one shot deal from the way Lance Catamaran talked in the last episode. Maybe the Southpaw Regional Wrestling was saved by a late influx of cash and Big Bart got to take on the Sea Creature.