WWE Erick Rowan

Wrestlemania 33 should kick Erick Rowan’s career into overdrive

Last year Erick Rowan was the butt of a lot of jokes after he got pinned in the middle of the ring after taking a Rock Bottom from The Rock in six seconds. Rocky wasn’t allowed to take any bumps due to issues with insurance and liability issues since he was filming a movie. So what we got was Rowan having his legs cut out from under him to put over a part-time WWE star.

Steve Austin even commented on it on his podcast and talked about how bad it was for Rowan’s character to lose in a few seconds to a guy who only shows up a few times a year.

“If you had been in a different set of shoes or had some leverage that might not have happened. But it did, so don’t let it bother you. Just go on down the road and the next time you get some air time on TV, go out there and kick some ass.”

This year with the Wyatt Family being featured in a top match with Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton and potentially Luke Harper the WWE has the opportunity to right the wrong and feature Erick Rowan in the match. If Vince McMahon decides to go with the triple threat for the title at Mania it would be easy to have Rowan get involved in the match and help one of the men in the bout to win and leave as champion.

Luke Harper will face AJ Styles next week and if he wins we will see three Wyatts fight for the title at Mania.

After Wrestlemania you can feature Rowan as a killer who is devoted to either Wyatt, Orton or Harper and slowly start to rebuild his character and make him into the enforcer Braun Strowman was before he was sent to RAW during the brand split last year.

Rowan has been kept off television since tearing his rotator cuff last year. He has been spotted at the Performance Center in Orlando in recent weeks and will likely be reappearing soon. It only makes sense to bring him back at Wrestlemania 33. However, given the way he has been booked in recent years I have no faith the WWE will do him any favors upon his return. But the opportunity is there.