Winners and Losers of WWE Superstar Shakeup

Monday and Tuesday were must see TV for WWE fans as we saw Vince McMahon reshape the RAW and Smackdown rosters. Now that we know who is on Smackdown and who is on RAW it’s time to evaluate the winners and losers of the WWE Superstar Shakeup that turned both programs upside down.


Now we get to see Miz shine on his own without the Miztourage bumble around in the background. Miz should thrive in his new role as the WWE is starting to put some steam behind him now that he has his own reality show. He will also get a chance to start a program with Daniel Bryan that has been teased for years. If the WWE is smart they will put a slow burn on the feud and let it build to Wrestlemania 35.

AJ Styles
AJ Styles didn’t switch brands but with the addition of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson should put a little pep in his step. The Good Brothers could even side with Shinsuke Nakamura in their feud and really make things interesting. It’s a shame Finn Balor didn’t get to make the jump to the blue brand too.

Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe never was going to be a world champion on RAW. He’s a great foil for Roman Reigns but I don’t see Vince McMahon ever putting Joe over as his main guy on Monday nights. On Smackdown he is a main eventer and should get multiple cracks at the title. AJ Styles and Joe are very familiar with each other and will likely be paired up this summer.

Big Cass
Big Cass will instantly become a player on Smackdown. He’s been on the shelf for almost a year with an ACL injury and you can bet that Vince McMahon has big plans for the 7′ tall New Yorker. On his first night on the job he took out Daniel Bryan so you know he’s going to be a main event player.


Finn Balor
Balor needs a heel turn badly. He’s starting to get stale and would thrive in a faction. If he could’ve gone over to Smackdown with Gallows and Anderson we could’ve seen Balor unite with AJ Styles and Nakamura to start a new version of the Bullet/Balor Club to take over the blue brand.

Bobby Roode
I liked seeing Roode on Monday but he’s going to get lost in the shuffle with all the other good guys on RAW. If Roode wants to stand out he needs a heel turn. If he was going to be a heel he probably would’ve done his best work on Smackdown where he could’ve been paired up with Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy.