Finn Balor is the man in NXT. If the WWE wanted to bring him up to the main roster and put a rocket on his back a match with Undertaker is a great way to do it.

Will we see a Bullet Club Reunion on RAW, the night after Wrestlemania 33?

With Shinsuke Nakamura getting beat by Bobby Roode at Takeover: Orlando Saturday rumors are swirling he will be getting called up either Monday on RAW or Tuesday on Smackdown. It’s likely he could appear in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal as well but typically Vince McMahon doesn’t have a lot of surprises at Wrestlemania. He saves them for the next night on RAW. The night after Mania is typically better than Wrestlemania.

Finn Balor has been kept off TV recently despite appearing in some tag matches at WWE Live Events to prepare for his return. It’s possible we could see him pop up Triple H’s match tonight at Mania but it’s more likely we will see him very soon. Like Nakamura we probably won’t see Balor at Mania but the next night on RAW is another story. With their Bullet Club brothers Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson already on the show all that’s missing is AJ Styles to bring the Bullet Club together on RAW.

Another rumor going around is that AJ Styles is headed to RAW after Wrestlemania. If Styles beats Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania and does something dastardly to him we could see a trade made live on RAW to put “The Phenomenal One” with his buddies. If that happens we have Styles, Nakamura, Anderson, Gallows and Balor all on the same show. If the WWE wants to create the next big faction they have the guys to do it.

Gallows and Anderson were known as “The Club” when they were paired with Styles before the brand split last summer. Balor was using the name “Balor Club” to move t-shirts when he was in NXT so it only makes sense to create the magic they had in Japan two years ago.

We will have to tune in to see exactly what Vince McMahon has planned for us the night after Wrestlemania. But we can count on some surprises if history is an indicator.