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Who attacked Enzo Amore?

Monday night we found Enzo Amore lying in a heap on the floor on RAW after someone attacked him. ‘Smacktalker Skywalker’ said he didn’t see who jumped him so we now have to wait to see who the mystery attacker or attackers are. Big Cass was there trying to get answers from GM Kurt Angle and warned the RAW GM that he better find out who attacked his partner before he does.

There are a few potential attackers that make sense from a storyline perspective. Let’s break them down one by one.

1. The Revival
If you look at the tape closely it looks like Dash and Dawson are leaving the scene while Charly Caruson conducts and interview on RAW.

Dash Wilder is recovering from a broken jaw and will be ready to return by mid-June. If the WWE can string out the angle we could get a payoff in a few weeks when it’s revealed that he and Scott Dawson jumped Enzo to jumpstart their run on the RAW tag team scene. The Revival made a splash by taking out the New Day last month when they got called up from NXT. However, due to Dash’s injury they’ve been kept off TV. Putting them against Big Cass and Enzo when they get back makes a lot of sense if Vince McMahon wants to reestablish them as a top tag team on RAW.

2. Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews
We are being conditioned for an Apollo Crews heel turn. He has reluctantly aligned himself with Titus since coming over from Smackdown but hasn’t really seen the results he’d like. But if it’s revealed that Crews jumped Enzo it solidify a fell fledged heel turn. Titus and Crews don’t make a great team and I don’t really see them doing a series of matches against Enzo and Big Cass on pay per view.

3. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
Big Cass and Enzo have history with Gallows and Anderson. However, they’ve had a lot of matches and now I think the ship has sailed on another feud between the two tag teams.

4. Elias Samson
We finally saw Samson in action Monday night against Dean Ambrose after a month of ‘The Drifter’ strumming his guitar backstage. Samson vs Enzo would be an intriguing match but I just don’t see this happening because it leaves Cass out in the cold while his partner feuds with someone.

4. Big Cass
It’s going to happen eventually. Why not go ahead and pull the trigger? RAW needs top heels after the rosters got shaken up last month. With the Shield and Finn Balor as the top good guys on Monday they need more foils since Braun Strowman are out and Brock Lesnar only wrestles a few times a year. With Cesaro and Sheamus now competing as a tag team the top bad guys on RAW are Miz, Samoa Joe and Bray Wyatt. Wyatt is going to have to turn babyface eventually do to the reactions he gets from the crowd leaving only Joe and Miz as the top heels. Once Cass gets done feuding with Enzo he could feud with Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose or Balor and headline pay per views.

Enzo and Cass were likely going to win the tag team belts at Wrestlemania until the Hardys came back. It would be easy to do an angle where Big Cass is tired of not winning big matches because of Enzo and turn on him. Cass could beat him down in the middle of the ring and do a match on pay per view before sending Cass off to the main event picture. Enzo could go compete on 205 Live and become the face of the crusierweight division.

Maybe we will find out next Monday who Enzo’s mystery assailant was but the WWE could keep us in suspense for a while. If they are building a feud for Extreme Rules in two weeks they’d better hurry up and let us know. But if it’s being saved for Great Balls of Fire in July a slow burn (pardon the pun) is probably best.