GSP Retirement

Under Armor tweets that Georges St. Pierre is coming out of retirement

Will he or won’t he? Is Georges St. Pierre going to fight again? Under Armor tweeted earlier this week that the former UFC welterweight champ is coming back but deleted the tweet a few minutes later. As you know nothing is ever really gone from the internet as many people screenshotted it and it is floating around Twitter.

St. Pierre was putting himself through a training camp in recent weeks. Firas Zahabi, who is GSP’s coach at TriStar in Montreal told reporters last week that “Rush” was doing a sample camp to see how his body reacted. The former champ has been in retirement since a win over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 in November 2013.

UFC President Dana White and St. Pierre have had a falling out and White has stated recently that GSP was done. But with UFC 200 looming this summer the UFC might rethink their position and have him back on the mega-card.

GSP has been for drug testing in the UFC and has butted heads with White in the past. Another potential hurdle is that Under Armor has been a sponsor of St. Pierre for several years. Now Reebok is the official apparel sponsor of the UFC and that might be something the UFC has to discuss with him upon his return.

It’s far from a done deal but the UFC can’t put Conor McGregor on every card this year. If St. Pierre wanted to come back for one or two big fights the UFC would likely embrace him with open arms.