Teddy Holder WSOF

Teddy Holder defeats Grady Hurley for the SFC Light Heavyweight Title

Teddy Holder came into Tupelo, Mississippi tonight to face Grady Hurley for the SFC Light Heavyweight title. At 15-2 Hurley is considered one of the top prospects in the southeast while Holder was looking to get back to the limelight after a run in WSOF two years ago. Hurley was clearly the fan favorite in Tupelo but Holder wasn’t going to back down from anyone tonight.

In 13 pro fights Holder had never gone past the first round and tonight he lived up to his reputation of being one of the hardest hitters in the southeast by ending it early once again in Tupelo.

Holder came out throwing some vicious upper cuts and dropped Hurley within the first minute. “The Hitman” jumped on the hometown favorite but once he was in Hurley’s guard he realized he needed to get the fight back on the feet. When the fight resumed it was obvious that Hurley’s nose was broken. Holder came right back after Hurley and knocked his mouthpiece out. A few punches later and it was all over. Holder connected with a big right that sent Hurley to the ground. Sensing his opponent was done Holder turned to the ref and signaled the fight was over. At that point the referee ran in and stopped the bout. Teddy Holder is now the new SFC light heavyweight champ.

Teddy Holder wasn’t the only person dropping bombs in Tupelo. In the co-main event Kyle Hughes had a vicious knockout of Nick Baker in what might have been the knockout of the night had Teddy Holder not been on the card.