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Is Controversy WWE’s New Storyline Strategy?

Lately, WWE has seen extensive press yet declining ratings. Strange, right? It appears WWE has transitioned from in-house creative to outside press for its most effective story lines. Aside from Smackdown Live’s World Championship picture, it’s difficult to pinpoint another storyline worth investing in. That’s pretty sad considering the WWE creative team is made up…

Cody Runnels TNA

TNA Teasing Debut of Cody Rhodes

TNA dropped a mysterious tweet earlier today about a new wrestler who is making his way debut tomorrow night on Impact. And if the rumors are true, it’s probably former WWE star Cody Rhodes. Tomorrow Night, Impact Wrestling is can not miss. He Is Coming. pic.twitter.com/YoWelbiSVh — TNA WRESTLING (@IMPACTWRESTLING) September 21, 2016 If you…

fatal four

Breaking Down the Universal Championship Fatal Four Way on Tonight’s Raw

The August 29th edition of Monday Night Raw will be highlighted by the Universal Title match between Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, and Big Collin Cassidy. Tonight’s Fatal Four Way Championship match was not originally part of WWE’s plan but instead is a result of reshuffling the deck after Seth Rollins caused an unexpected…


Shelton Benjamin was supposed to return to the WWE, this past Tuesday, but did not appear on the blue brand and instead explained on Twitter that he has to tend to a torn rotator cuff. You can read his tweets on his Twitter at: https://twitter.com/Sheltyb803 This is tough news for the WWE because Shelton Benjamin could have put over upcoming stars and be an integral part of the Cruiserweight division. Hopefully, Shelton can make a return to the WWE next year.


Smackdown Begins Looking Up

As WWE attempts to re-brand Smackdown to compete with Raw, Thursday’s episode of Smackdown hints that it’s finally getting its act together. Thankfully, adjustments are arriving just in time for live broadcasts beginning this Tuesday. Below are four signs of life from the July 14th edition of Smackdown. 1. Seth Rollins / Sami Zayn Tease…

Who ends up where after the WWE draft on Tuesday?

WWE Brand Split Mock Draft 2016

    The announcement has been made: Stephanie McMahon will handle commissioner duties for Raw while counterpart Shane-O-Mac will run Smackdown.     After the chairman Vince McMahon lustfully encouraged his offspring to compete for show ratings, merchandise sales, and social media buzz, Stephanie and Shane are now feeling the pressure to snatch top tier talent…

New Day

Dusk for The New Day

For almost one year the power of positivity has dominated the tag division. Watching The New Day go from being so hated, with an awful, arguably racist gimmick, and transform it to what it is has been nothing less than captivating. At this point it’s as if they can do no wrong. To answer what caused…