WWE John Cena

Ryback calls John Cena “Poison to the Wrestling Industry”

Ryback is no stranger to headlines now that he’s out of the WWE. “The Big Guy” has been taking on controversial subjects on his podcast since his departure from the promotion last year.

This week he went on a rant about John Cena and called him “poison to the wrestling industry” due to the way he has tried to bury new talent in the past. Alex Riley had a run in with Cena years ago and he never could get past it and eventually he was let go from the WWE. Ryback wouldn’t elaborate on Riley’s experience with Cena but did shed a little light on what Cena does to new guys in the WWE.

“He’s been poison to the wrestling industry… He did so much harm to new talent that was breaking out up there and I had my experiences up there. I think Hunter said ‘What do I need to do and started bringing up NXT guys and protecting them.’ There are so many guys there now, John can’t pick his battles with one guy because there are nine other guys and he’s been surpassed now. If that’s what Hunter did that’s genius to get rid of his Cena problem.”

Ryback created a little controversy two weeks ago when he mentioned that Triple H told him there would never be another John Cena in the WWE. It seems that Vince McMahon and “The Game” want guys to get only so big so they can reel them back in or make them interchangeable. Roman Reigns has been pushed as the next top guy for several years but he hasn’t had the push quite like Cena has had in the past.

Riley went on Jim Ross’ podcast last week and mentioned there was an incident with Cena but didn’t want to comment on it. Riley did say that he would address it one day in the future but it wasn’t something he wanted to do on Ross’ podcast.