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Leaked Nude Charlotte Flair Pictures Surface Online

Former WWE women’s champion Charlotte Flair has been the latest victim of leaked nude pictures online. Photos of Charlotte started popping up on social media and forums online earlier this month. Now they have spread to prominent adult sites as well. The photos appear to be of Flair taking nude selfies in the mirror. It’s not clear if she was taking them to send to a boyfriend or if she wanted them to help with fitness goals.

Charlotte has 1.9 million Instagram followers and has followers all over the world.

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These leaked photos of celebrities are popping up all the time. Hackers are finding out how to access their icloud accounts and then finding private nude photos and posting them online for the world to see. In 2014 “The Fappening” took place and hackers posted nude and NSFW pictures of celebrities like Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence online. Since then every few months we see someone who is on TV or in a movie have pictures leaked onto the web.

The worst set of leaks featuring a WWE star happened to Paige. The former Diva’s champ had private videos featuring Xavier Woods and her ex-boyfriend Brad Maddox released online that quickly went viral. Paige had taken hardcore videos of herself with MAddox as well as with Maddox and Woods in a hotel room. Maddox deleted his Twitter account and Woods has been kept off TV for the most part. Paige was outraged but seemed to weather the storm and has gone back to tweeting about her family and boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio.

If I’m Vince McMahon I’m wondering who is going to be next. RAW Women’s champ Alexa Bliss was a target of hackers also. Photos of Bliss having sex appeared online. However, Bliss is adamant that the photos are doctored and the girl in the pictures is not her. It’s not clear on whether the girl in the picture is Bliss. It’s obvious the face is hers but that could easily be from someone playing around on photoshop and putting her face on another petite woman. I tend to think that the pictures are doctored since no other pictures have surfaced. If she was going to take NSFW pictures of a tryst with an old or current boyfriend wouldn’t there be other pics on her icloud as well?

Summer Rae also is caught up in the leaks. Hackers released photos of her as well but like Bliss she also denies that it’s her in the pictures. We haven’t seen much of Summer Rae lately and you have to wonder if the leaks has anything to do with that.

Former UFC champ Miesha Tate is another who is caught up in the leaks. Pictures of Tate began popping up online around the same time as the photos of Bliss and Summer Rae.

Since the leaks Charlotte hasn’t been kept off TV and is featured prominently on Smackdown. She hasn’t publicly addressed the pictures on WWE television but has been outraged behind the scenes.

Hopefully future WWE Superstars will learn from this and not take nude selfies or shoot anything they wouldn’t want their parents to see on their phones. Hackers are only getting better and everyone who has any type of fame or notoriety is a target.