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Leaked Nude Alexa Bliss Pictures Surface Online

Alexa Bliss has quickly become one of the most popular women in the WWE since getting called up from NXT last year. She has held the women’s title on Smackdown and RAW and has feuded with just about every top woman on the roster with the exception of Charlotte. Currently “Little Miss Bliss” is the champ on RAW and involved in a pretty bitter feud with Bayley. Bliss and Bayley are scheduled to wrestle at Extreme Rules Sunday and it wouldn’t surprise me if we see a new women’s champ.

Last month several female wrestlers icloud accounts were hacked and leaked nude pictures quickly surfaced online. Charlotte Flair was one of the victims. Hackers posted private pics of Ric Flair’s daughter taking nude selfies in a mirror. Whether the pictures were intended for a boyfriend or to chart fitness gains they are now everywhere on the world wide web. Flair was pretty upset and requested the pics be taken down to no avail.

Summer Rae also was a victim of the hacks. Her pics were also posted online without her permission. We haven’t seen a lot of Summer Rae on TV and these pics could lead to her staying off a little longer.

Former UFC women’s champ Miesha Tate also had leaked photos go viral. Porn sites not only had photos of WWE stars, now they were putting up pictures of UFC stars as well.

The most graphic pictures that were leaked are of Bliss. When the pics went viral she spoke out instantly and claimed that the pictures were faked and photoshopped by someone else and the girl in the photos was not her. The pictures feature a girl who looks a lot of like Bliss having sex with a guy who could be an ex-boyfriend. It’s possible that the photos were photoshopped. Bliss is only 5′ tall but the girl in the leaked pictures also appears to be short which doesn’t bode well for the WWE women’s champ.

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Whether or not you believe Bliss her standing within the WWE hasn’t really been hampered by the leaks. I’m not sure if Vince McMahon believes the pics are fake or just wants to ride the wave of Bliss’ popularity now that she’s on top on RAW and a big merchandise seller. She faces Bayley at Extreme Rules and we’ll see whether or not she loses the belt. If she keeps it Bliss is good standing but if she loses maybe they want to take the spotlight off of her until the leaked photo scandal passes.

The worst leak hit former women’s champ Paige. Paige not only had pics leak but also videos. The videos feature Paige not only having sex with her ex-boyfriend Brad Maddox, but there is also a video of her having sex with both Maddox and Xavier Woods. Maddox deleted his Twitter. Woods has been off TV for the most part since moving to Smackdown when the rosters were shaken up in April. Paige was really shaken up and publicly stated that she was hacked and requested the pics and videos be taken down. However, once something goes viral it’s everywhere and is impossible to be erased. Paige’s boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio has stood by her side through the controversy and is still committed to her.

The real lesson here is to make sure your icloud password is impossible to figure out and you don’t keep photos you don’t want to get out on your phone or in the icloud. The fappening exposed pics of famous people like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. Now hackers are going after women in the UFC and WWE as well.