Johnathan Ivey CFC 3

Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 3 Weigh In Results

Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 3 is scheduled to go down in Murfreesboro, TN Saturday night at the Mid TN Expo. CFC middleweight champ Kyle Lee will defend his title against Caleb Ragsdale in the main event. Ragsdale earned the title shot by defeating Chaz Jourdan last August.

In addition to the fight for the middleweight belt the Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 3 will feature three other title bouts to crown new champions in the their heavyweight, welterweight and featherweight divisions.

Weigh ins for the event were held earlier today at the Mid TN Expo by ISKA officials. Here are the official results.

130 Catchweight Bout
Nick Stiles 128.4 vs Tyler Brown 129.1

Heavyweight Bout
Clint Bell 250.8 vs Dustin Johnson 240.1

Bantamweight Bbout
Jeremy Scott 136 vs Michael Bolton 125.5

Middleweight Bout
Najee Blackwell (Harris Holt Combat Sports) 184.8 vs Ryan Driskel will weigh in the day of the show

Featherweight Bout
Tommy Scrivner 6-6 (Independent) 150.5 vs Alex Traughber 0-0 (Joey Brassell’s Family Martial Arts) 145.5

Heavyweight Bout
Paul Faye 256 (Harris Holt Combat Sports) vs Tim Johnson 1-6 (Death Row MMA) 261

Featherweight Bout
Aaron Kim 4-9 (Nashville MMA) 144.5 vs Logan Nash 0-0 (UFC Gym Hendersonville) 144.8

Featherweight Bout
Nolan Thomas 1-2 (Warriors Den) 144.5 vs Jaysen Baker 1-0 (UFC Gym Hendersonville) 147.4

Featherweight Bout
Kyle Tetley 6-5 (Harris Holt Combat Sports) 144.5 vs Jamie Vasquez 142

Welterweight Bout
Steve Stover 6-3 167.4 vs Donovan Salvato 1-0 (UFC Gym Hendersonville) 168.6

Heavyweight Bout
Sammy Walker 220.5 vs Chase McCullen will weigh in the day of the show

Middleweight Bout
Caleb Ragsdale 5-0 (Harris Holt Combat Sports) 187.2 Kyle Lee 186

Any fighter who missed weight will get an another opportunity to make weight.

My three takeaways from the weigh in are:
1. I really, really hope Michael Bolton walks out to “When a Man Loves a Woman”. Any man named Michael Bolton that walks out to a Michael Bolton song is someone I would not want to be locked inside a cage with.

2. Dustin Johnson looks a lot like the WWE Superstar Sheamus. He also looks a lot like a guy I wouldn’t want to mess with.

3. Kyle Lee may be an amateur but he is a pro and first class all the way. He showed up on time and as the champion, he was dressed for the part. After beating Najee Blackwell to become the CFC champion last August I’m looking forward to see how he does against the younger undefeated prospect from Harris Holt Combat Sports, Caleb Ragsdale.

Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 3 will take place Saturday Feb. 10 at 7:30. The show is sponsored by . Tickets are still available but the show is on pace to sell out. For more info check out the event’s Facebook page.