John Cena was penciled in to face Taker before shoulder surgery put him on the sidelines in January. Can the former champ recover in time for a match with The Dead Man at Mania?

John Cena wants to compete at Wrestlemania, continues his cryptic tweets

John Cena has been out of actions since January after having shoulder surgery. Cena was projected to miss six to nine months of ring time to rehab his rotator cuff but he continues to hint at an earlier return. Late last night the former WWE champ sent out another cryptic tweet about returning ahead of schedule.

On Tuesday Cena announced that he would be missing Wrestlemania 32 at the Wrestlemania 33 press conference in Orlando. It was the first and only time he commented on missing Mania.

Cena was supposed to face the Undertaker before he was injured. The WWE inserted Shane McMahon in his place and have been building up to the match for a few weeks. If Cena is able to return early it would be easy to pull Shane and insert him in the match.

The most likely scenario will be for Cena to interfere in the match and set up a match with Taker for Wrestlemania 33. Cena will be limited if does get involved but he could run in and help Shane somehow without taking a bump. This serves two purposes. It makes Cena fans happy about seeing him on the biggest show of the year and it also sets up future storylines either giving Shane McMahon control of the WWE or a future match with Undertaker next year.