John Cena was the WWE's plan for Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32 before having shoulder surgery in January. If Cena can pull of a miraculous recovery we could see him face The Phenom in April.

John Cena returns from injury on May 30, 2016 on RAW

We haven’t seen a lot of John Cena this year. After taping American Grit and suffering a shoulder injury Cena hasn’t been featured on WWE television much recently. The former WWE champ showed up at Wrestlemania 32 to fight off the Wyatt Family with The Rock but since then he hasn’t been on RAW or Smackdown.

On Monday Cena announced on Twitter that he would be returning on Monday, May 30th to RAW.

It’ not really known what Cena’s role will be in the WWE with so many new superstars getting called up since Wrestlemania. Baron Corbin could be a guy that Cena works with this summer at Summerslam to help elevate since he is new on the roster. We might also see him involved in the Bullet Club/Bulletproof/Balor Club angle that’s just now starting to get off the ground. A lot of hardcore fans want to see a Cena heel turn but with the former champ still selling so much merchandise at WWE events Vince McMahon may be reluctant to turn him just yet.

Tune in next month we will finally see John Cena back on RAW.