vince laughing

It’s all Fun(ny) & Games: How Comedy Is Killing WWE.

“It’s not a party if it happens every night” The Postal Service once preached.

Apparently Vince McMahon doesn’t listen to The Postal Service or any other form of advice.

Well Vince, let’s simplify it: too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Comedy has always been a part of WWE. Most of the time it’s worked. That was until recently where WWE comedy began to overpower its serious material. What makes it worse is the material that’s intended to be serious typically comes off childish – generating laughter for a different reason.

Not that all humorous segments are bad (most are – Chris Jehrico excluded). For a show meant to be about fighting, there’s an abundance.

The Raw Tag Team division is a great example. Its division consists of: The New Day, Enzo & Cass, Cesaro & Sheamus, Gallows & Anderson, Golden Truth, and The Shining Stars. Every one of these gimmicks, at some point, in the past year have been involved with ineffective comedy segments.

The Undertaker, who recently made headlines regarding his future, is often considered one of the most successful characters of all time. Rarely did viewers witness The Undertaker involved in laughable moments.

For a character to reach its full potential, a fan reaction is necessary. Whether characters get that reaction through comedy or drama, WWE should always play to the characters strengths.

WWE greats like Stone Cold, The Rock, and Shawn Michaels relied heavily on forms of comedy for success. The difference, however, was these superstars had an equal amount of drama (seriousness) to counterbalance it. Their serious moments came in the form of high energy segments, stellar matches, and captivating promos.

Today, too many gimmicks could exceed in less-comedic capacities. At the very least, WWE could write in serious segments for ‘funny’ stars the same way the did for Austin, Rock, and Michaels.

The New Day would reinvent themselves if Big E and Kofi turned on Xavier.

James Ellsworth could succeed as an underdog in the realm of Daniel Bryan and Sami Zayn.

Health Slater turning on and retiring Rhyno could make for a great mid card feud.

Enzo breaking off from Big Cass would break the heart of every fan but in return could generate a invest-worthy feud.

These situations would cut the jokes in half – making a 3 hour show a lot more viewable.

You’d think where ratings are dropping weekly, WWE would call for a drastic change. A change in something. Wouldn’t it make sense to trim the comedy? The portions eating up the majority of the show. Cut the fat, WWE – cut. that. fat.

It’s likely WWE does not change it’s formula. If indeed WWE continues to use comedy gimmicks as a pillar of character building, it would be more effective if the Attitude-Era style of comedy was utilized. You know, the kind where superstars tiptoed the line of controversy in what the said and did.