Bray Wyatt Wrestlemania 32

How Wrestlemania 33 Should Be Booked

We are just days from the 2017 Royal Rumble which officially kicks off the road to Wrestlemania 33. The WWE already has the wheels set in motion for several big matchups like Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins vs Triple H and Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar. I don’t really care to see what Vince McMahon thinks I want to see. I went ahead and did him a favor and rebooked the biggest show for him. You’re welcome. Some of these matches feature part-time wrestlers who may or may not be on the show. But for the sake of the article I am booking them in a match in Wrestlemania.

WWE Universal Title
Roman Reigns vs The Rock

Everyone is sick of Roman Reigns and it’s obvious he needs to turn heel. Turn him heel against the biggest babyface on the planet, his cousin, The Rock. At the Rumble have Rock show up to cut a promo before the Rumble congratulating Reigns on winning the belt from Kevin Owens earlier in the night. The former Shield member turns on Rock and they set up a match for Wrestlemania 33 where Reigns embraces the nasty heel role and pins the Rock in the middle of the ring to become the top guy on RAW going forward.

WWE World Title
Undertaker vs AJ Styles

Taker will win the Rumble and AJ should retain his belt against Cena. On Smackdown Tuesday Undertaker comes out to challenge “The Phenomenal One” for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania. Of course Undertaker wins the belt and retires on top.

Intercontinental Title
Dean Ambrose vs Randy Orton

I hate the ladder matches for second tier titles at Wrestlemania. Put Ambrose in a match with a top heel like Randy Orton and have him go over clean to build him up for the future. Orton is on the downside of his career. Ambrose is going to be around for a long time. Put him over strong with a win over a former WWE champ on the biggest show.

United States Title
Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens

Jericho vs Owens is the only match that Vince McMahon has put together that I really want to see. Jericho has done a tremendous job of getting over since he was paired with Owens last summer and now it’s finally time for the payoff. We know Y2J is leaving in May to tour with his band so Owens is getting the win. It doesn’t matter have Jericho do the job then bring him back later in the year for another big match after the crowd has a chance to miss him.

Rusev vs Brock Lesnar
I hate the idea of another Lesnar-Goldberg match. They’ve wrestled twice before and the WWE is wasting money by putting them together again when they should use them to build up other wrestlers who need the rub. Rusev is a monster heel who is lost in the shuffle on RAW. If you want to make Rusev relevant again have him pin Lesnar at Mania clean in the middle of the ring. Lesnar doesn’t need the win and McMahon needs to invest in the next generation instead of putting over part-timers on big shows.

Seth Rollins vs Kurt Angle
Speaking of part-timers, why not utilize Angle at Wrestlemania 33 since he is going into the Hall of Fame the night before. He and Seth Rollins would have a hell of a match and it helps get “The Architect” over with a big win over a legend like the former Olympian.

Goldberg vs Bray Wyatt
Continuing the theme of part-time wrestlers we have Goldberg against another guy that is going to be around for years to come, Bray Wyatt. Wyatt has to go over here clean to establish himself as a legitimate title contender in the future. Goldber does the job and we wind up with another future star in Wyatt to build around.

Baron Corbin vs John Cena
Another part-time wrestler, John Cena needs to put Baron Corbin over. Corbin came on strong in late 2016 and is poised to become a main eventer in 2017. Have Corbin get the win, 1-2-3 and along with Wyatt, Rollins and Rusev, Corbin is a new guy to build the WWE around in the years to come.

Shane McMahon vs Miz
We are still going with the part-time wrestler theme here with Vince McMahon’s son Shane. Shane-O-Mac is always down for a big match on a big show and why not have him go with one of the best heels on Smackdown, The Miz? It would be easy to build up a storyling but it has to culminate with Miz getting the win so he can be moved up to the main event later this year.

Braun Strowman vs Finn Balor
The WWE has been building up Strowman as an indestructible monster. Finn Balor is a smaller guy but the two should be able to have a good match together. Strowman can throw him around the ring but Balor finds a way to get the win in the end.

Smackdown Tag Titles
American Alpha vs Usos

I don’t really care about the Smackdown tag belts but we have to have them on the show. Alpha goes over on the Usos to retain.

RAW Tag Team Titles
Big Cass and Enzo vs Sheamus and Cesaro

Like the Smackdown tag belts I don’t care to see the RAW belts at Wrestlemania either. But they have to put them on the show and Enzo and Cass win the titles. I’d much rather see Cass as a solo act on the show but the fans still love them as a team so we have to have them at Mania.

Triple H vs CM Punk
This match is pure fantasy. I know Punk isn’t coming back but since I’m fantasy booking the show this is the match I’m making. Punk bludgeons Triple H to win by however he wants to retire McMahon’s son in law and take him off TV for good.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal Winner: Dolph Ziggler
We have to have a winner of the battle royal so why not give it to Ziggler. He’s never had a legitimate Wrestlemania moment so why not let him win the battle royal in Orlando.