Seth Rollins

How to Fix the WWE’s Seth Rollins Problem

Seth Rollins was on top of the WWE before tearing his ACL in a match with Kane in November 2015. Since his return and win over Triple H at Wrestlemania 33 he has been stuck in neutral and his character can’t get any traction with fans. Now a babyface, Rollins is currently in a feud with Samoa Joe that isn’t going anywhere. Fans aren’t connecting to Rollins because he’s not relatable as a heel.

“The Architect” excelled as the smarmy heel who was part of The Authority in 2015. He made a great bad guy who talked smack but never quite backed it up unless he had some help from Triple H and/or J and J Security. The character was close to what Rollins is like in real life, and he’s not exactly known for being the friendliest guy in the WWE. I know that Vince McMahon had to turn him to get his program with Triple H to really work at Wrestlemania earlier this year but it’s just not working for him as a good guy and you can only do so many Shield reunions.

When the WWE shook up the rosters last month we saw a flood of top tier guys come over to RAW. Smackdown main eventers Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose and The Miz are now on Monday while the Blue Brand only got Kevin Owens and a part-time Chris Jericho to freshen up their main event scene. The problem with the shakeup was RAW was already top heavy with big names like Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor and Rollins. Vince McMahon should’ve shipped Rollins over to Smackdown to balance the rosters a little better.

On Smackdown Rollins could’ve gone back to being a heel and had five star matches with AJ Styles this summer. But instead he’s stuck being a babyface that none of the fans are rallying around.

Despite missing a golden opportunity to put Rollins on Smackdown the WWE could still pull it off and move him to Tuesday and set him up to have one of the biggest matches of his career at Wrestlemania 35. When Rollins comes up short in his bid to win the Fatal Fiveway against Wyatt, Reigns, Balor and Samoa Joe “The Architect” can come out on RAW the next night and get in RAW GM Kurt Angle’s face. Rollins can jump Angle and leave him lying in the middle of the ring. The following week Vince McMahon can come out and say he’s moving Rollins to Smackdown instead of firing him.

Now instead of being a stale babyface Rollins is now the hottest heel in the WWE and it sets up a match with Kurt Angle for Wrestlemania 34. Angle doesn’t have many matches left in him so why not have him put over a guy who’s going to be around for years to come?

RAW is so top heavy with main eventers compared to Smackdown. Moving Rollins is the best possible scenario for him and the Blue Brand.