Can Vince McMahon convince Batista to come back to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32? Batista is busy in Hollywood and word has it he has already told the WWE that he won't be available for Mania this year.

How to Book an All-Star WWE Royal Rumble with Former Champs

One of my favorite shows is Survivor. We all know the premise, A bunch of people live on an island and one by one they are voted out until one person remains who is the sole survivor and the winner of the game. Every few years CBS does an All-Star edition of the show featuring fan favorites and past winners. Why can’t the WWE do a similar premise with the Royal Rumble?

An All-Star Rumble would be a lot of fun if Vince McMahon brought back former WWE and WCW champs to round out the 30 man battle royal. Right now there are a handful of guys like Diamond Dallas Page, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Goldberg and Kevin Nash who are half-way retired but could still come back for one big match like the Rumble. They could stage it where older wrestlers like the guys mentioned above could come out later in the match or have them only in the battle royal for a short time so they won’t get tired.

Let’s look at the 30 men who have held titles who could still compete in an All-Star Royal Rumble

1. Kurt Angle
Angle has been rumored to be coming back to the WWE in 2017. He’s 48 years old but can still go in the ring. The crowd would pop big when his music hit.

2. Goldberg
Goldberg is back for the 2017 Rumble so he could worked into the All-Star Rumble no problem. Imagine the crowd’s reaction when Goldberg and Angle stare each other down in the middle of the ring before going at it.

3. Sheamus
Sheamus isn’t the sexiest name to put in the All-Star Rumble but he’s a former champ and he could be thrown out quickly as Angle and Goldberg go back at it once he is eliminated from the match.

4. Kane
Kane can come in and hang around for a while like he always does in the Rumble and battle with Angle and Goldberg for a while until out comes…

5. Roman Reigns
Reigns can come in and brawl with Kane, Sheamus, Goldberg and Angle to fill the ring up a little. No need to throw anyone out just yet until…

6. Brock Lesnar
Now we get to the big guns. Lesnar can come in and go right at Goldberg. The former UFC champ can throw him out because we know that a 50 year old man can’t last all night. He can throw out Kane and then go after Kurt Angle. Angle, Reigns and Lesnar battle for a few minutes until we hear the music for…

7. Seth Rollins
Rollins gets in the ring and immediately sides with Reigns and begins battling with Lesnar and Angle who are now working together.

8. Miz
Next is the Miz. Miz comes to the ring and is instantly thrown out by Lesnar. Reigns and Rollins go back at it with Agnle and Lesnar until…

9. Dean Ambrose
Ambrose hits the ring and immediately reunites with Reigns and Rollins and the Shield gangs up to throw out Brock Lesnar. As the Shield celebrates after throwing out “The Beast” Ambrose dumps Rollins and Reigns over the top and laughs as both men look up at him in disbelief. Now we have Ambrose and Angle in the ring.

10. John Cena
Cena comes out and has a staredown with Kurt Angle. The two lock up and try to eliminate each other. Cena gets Angle over the top but he sneaks back in under the bottom rope without his feet touching the floor.

11. Randy Orton
Orton comes out and begins going at it with Dean Ambrose as Cena and Angle continue to fight.

12. Finn Balor
Balor comes out dressed as “The Demon” and tries to help Cena take out Angle as Orton and Ambrose do battle.

13. Triple H
Time to play the game! “The King of King” makes his way to the ring and immediately jumps on Balor and throws him out but he gets back in the ring as his feet don’t touch the floor. Balor, Triple H, Angle, Cena, Orton and Ambrose all brawl inside the ring.

14. AJ Styles
The Phenomenal One enters the ring and immediately goes after Cena. Balor throws up “The Club” sign and comes to the aid of Styles as everyone brawls in the ring.

15. Dolph Ziggler
The ring is starting to fill up again as Ziggler enters the Rumble. “The Showoff” goes after Triple H taking out years of frustration as he brawls with “The Game”.

16. Big Show
Big Show comes to the ring and throws out Triple H and Ziggler as they try to eliminate each other. Orton, Angle, Balor, Styles, Ambrose, Cena and Angle jump on Show and work to try to eliminate him.

17. Rob Van Dam
“The Whole F’n Show” comes to the ring and climbs to the top rope and jumps on Big Show. As Big Show catches him Cena clotheslines the giant over the top rope as he eliminates RVD and Big Show. Orton, Balor, Ambrose, Angle, Styles, Cena and Angle go back to fighting the ring.

18. JBL
JBL leaves the announcers booth and comes to the ring. He immediately goes after Finn Balor but “The Demon” throws him out of the ring and JBL walks back to the booth to finish commentating.

19. Jeff Hardy
As Balor takes out JBL Hardy gets in the ring and staresdown Balor. The two men go at it as everyone brawls until we hear the music for…

20. The Rock
If you smell what the Rock is cooking… The crowd goes nuts as he runs to the ring and throws out Randy Orton. AJ Styles tries to sneak attack “The People’s Champ” but gets a Rock Bottom instead, picked up and thrown out of the ring. Now we have Balor, Angle, Cena, Hardy, Ambrose and the Rock in the ring. Cena tries to eliminate Ambrose but he falls to the floor as “The Lunatik Fringe” rolls onto the floor under the bottom rope.

21. Rey Mysterio
Mysterio hits the ring and the crowd goes nuts. He hits the 619 on Ambrose but gets thrown out by John Cena.

22. Alberto Del Rio
Del Rio comes to the ring with Paige and immediately goes after Cena. Everyone brawls and the ring begins to fill up again with Balor, Angle, Cena, Hardy and the Rock battling each other in the ring.

23. Batista
Batista comes out and goes right for The Rock. The two stars stare each other down and then team up to throw out Kurt Angle who has been in since the beginning. Batista throws out Hardy while the Rock throws out Balor.

25. Booker T
Can you dig it? Sucka! Booker T comes to the ring and goes right after Batista. “The Animal” makes quick work of the 5 time WCW champ and throws him out quicker than he got in.

26. Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash or Diesel is next. He throws out Alberto Del Rio and then locks up with John Cena. Batista, Rocky, Nash and Cena are left in the ring.

27. Kevin Owens
Out comes Owens who runs right to The Rock and begins jawing with him in the middle of the ring. The two battle as everyone is fighting in the ring.

28. Chris Jericho
Of course Owen’s best friend Jericho runs to the ring. As Rocky throws out Owens Y2J gets in the ring and calls the Rock “A big stupid idiot”. “The People’s Champ” throws him out right on top of Owens who is still ringside.

29. DDP
The former WCW champ comes to the ring and hits a diamond cutter on Dean Ambrose. As he turns around to celebrate he is thrown over the top rope by John Cena.

30. Undertaker
The lights go out and out comes “The Dead Man”. Taker comes face to face with John Cena and chokeslams him. Nash hits Taker from behind and tries to eliminate him but he can’t get him over the top rope. Now Batista, Rocky, Taker and Nash are the Final Four in the Rumble.

The Rock throws out Nash then Batista and the Rock team up on Undertaker and eventually get him out of the ring. Batista and The Rock turn their attention to each other and as they battle back and forth it appears that Rocky is about to eliminate “The Animal.” Dean Ambrose comes back into the ring as the announcers explain he never was officially eliminated and hid under the ring after he went under the bottom rope 30 minutes ago. As Rocky finally puts out Batista he turns around to celebrate only to get a kick to the stomach and the “Dirty Deeds” from Dean Ambrose. Ambrose picks up Rocky and throws him out.

Coming out of this Rumble the WWE has a new heel Dean Ambrose is born and the WWE has a guy to build around as a main eventer for years to come. Ambrose can claim to have eliminated 30 champions from the Rumble and cement himself as a star who no longer stands in the shadow of Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns. Vince McMahon also has a feud between Dolph Ziggler and Triple H, Finn Balor and Jeff Hardy and John Cena and Kurt Angle.