EC3 makes his debut at NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia

EC3 has been waiting 1,714 days to get back to the WWE. After being released in 2013 Ethan Carter III made his name in TNA as the spoiled nephew of Dixie Carter. EC3 rose through the ranks of the promotion and had featured matches with top guys like James Storm, Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley, Jeff Hardy and Sting eventually became world champion in 2015. He was featured as a top guy in TNA until his departure earlier this year.

After EC3 lost a Feast or Fired match in January he received his release from Impact and began negotiating with the WWE. Last night Carter was introduced at NXT Takeover at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelpia where he received a huge pop from the crowd. After the show EC3 did a backstage interview where he announced that he was back and was happy to be back under the WWE’s umbrella.

There had been rumblings online that EC3 would be in the Royal Rumble match but after appearing at NXT Takeover it looks like he will have to pay his dues in developmental like Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode.

EC3 is only 34 years old and doesn’t need to be in any rush to get to the main roster. He can easily become one of the top guys in NXT this year and become a guy who can contend for the title or feud with top guys like Aleister Black or Drew McIntyre. With so many guys getting called up the WWE from NXT lately I would bet EC3 will have to do his time in NXT until at least next spring when he could get called up after Wrestlemania 35. But that’s just speculation.

If I was Vince McMahon I would try to work out something with Dixie Carter and bring her in for big matches to be in EC3’s corner. Dixie worked with the WWE last year when Kurt Angle was inducted into the Hall of Fame before Wrestlemania 33.