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Bellator 175: Rampage vs King Mo 2 Betting Tips and Predictions

King Mo is a -265 favorite heading into Bellator 175 in Chicago with Rampage Jackson. The fight will be contested at heavyweight after Mo turned down a catchweight fight at 235 pounds. A lot of bettors see Mo as the favorite due to several factors, including Jackson’s long layoff and his weight.

Yesterday Jackson weighed in at 253 while Mo came in only at 212 pounds. If you are going by size Rampage will have the advantage. But if conditioning is the criteria Mo should be able to go all night at the smaller weight. If Mo can get the fight to the ground it will be harder for Rampage to get up due to the extra weight he’s carrying. But on the other hand, Page could have put on some extra muscle and have more on his punches to Mo’s susceptible chin.

It’s no secret Mo has been knocked out several times and Rampage has been known to do just that in fights.

To bet the fight you would have to bet $265 on Mo to get a $100 return. If you bet Rampage, who is a +225 underdog, a $100 bet would net you a cool $225. It’s obvious Mo is the favorite but the line I think is most interesting is the over/under.

The over/under is set at 2.5 rounds. Many experts and bettors think Mo is going to win a decision. That’s why the over is -235. However if you think the under is the way to go a $100 bet would net you $200.

I don’t trust Mo’s chin or Rampage’s conditioning. I just don’t see it going to the judges. I think either Rampage gets a knockout in the first round or Mo wins by ground and pound in rounds two or three. I just hope if Mo wins in the third round he does it in the first half of the round.

The play is the under 2.5 rounds. I lean torwards King Mo winning but it’s not worth laying -265, especially since he has a history of getting knocked out. I don’t see any value at Rampage at +225. He won a controversial split decision in their first fight in Rampage’s backyard. I don’t see the former UFC champ getting the home cooking in Chicago if it goes the distance.