Can Vince McMahon convince Batista to come back to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32? Batista is busy in Hollywood and word has it he has already told the WWE that he won't be available for Mania this year.

Batista wants one last run in the WWE against Triple H but Vince McMahon isn’t interested

Batista appeared on Chris Jericho’s podcast last week to hype the new Guardian in the Galaxy movie. Batista talked about his newfound fame as an actor after dominating in the WWE from 2003 to 2010. Despite having a key role in Guardians 2 Batista talked openly about his desire to comeback to the WWE for one last run. “The Animal” told Y2J that he even pitched an idea to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon about a storyline against Triple H.

Batista was in the stable ‘Evolution’ with Triple H in 2003 and 2004 and again in 2015. Batista even defeated “The Game” for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 21 so the two men have a lot of history to draw from if Vince McMahon wanted to pull the trigger on the storyline.

Despite wanting to come back to finish his career against Triple H, Batista expressed little interest in facing anyone else in the promotion. He did praise Bray Wyatt and talked about how much he enjoyed his character but didn’t say he wanted to wrestle him if he came back.

Titus O’Neil would be someone Batista might have interest in coming back to do a program with. Batista helped Titus break into pro wrestling and even talked about how much he disproved of McMahon suspending Titus last year before Wrestlemania. O’Neil is a mid-carder at best and I really doubt McMahon would allow Batista to come back to face him if he returned.

They could do an angle where Triple H would refuse to wrestle Batista unless he beat his best friend, Titus on RAW. That would give Titus the rub that Batista wanted and help elevate his buddy before he goes off to face Triple H one last time at Summerslam 2017 or perhaps Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans.

I’m really surprised McMahon isn’t bending over backwards to accommodate Batista. Now that he’s a bonafide movie star as Drax the Destroyer McMahon could parlay some of that success back into the WWE where Batista has some history. McMahon does everything he can to keep The Rock around and involved when he’s available, it’s puzzling that he doesn’t do more to bring back Batista.

At 48 years of age Batista’s window for being a pro wrestler is closing. We saw Goldberg come back for one last run at 50 so there is still time if McMahon wants to make it happen. With John Cena taking time off to do movies and Brock Lesnar working limited dates making the call to Batista is a no-brainer.