Alexander Gustafsson

Alexander Gustafsson calls out Luke Rockhold

Talk about kicking a guy while he’s down. Perennial light heavyweight champ Alexander Gustafsson has called out Luke Rockhold after his devasting knockout loss to Yoel Romero at UFC 221 last weekend. Gustafsson is the #1 contender at 205 but with Daniel Cormier in Vegas filming The Ultimate Fighter with Stipe Miocic the belt will be tied up until late 2018. Cormier and Miocic are scheduled to fight in June for the heavyweight title. Clearly Gus is angry and wants to take it out on someone.

@lukerockhold your teammate is holding MY Division hostage, and you think there are only easy fights at LHW. If u think Romero hits hard, then wait till you come to the big boys. I want @dc_mma , and knocking u out will keep me warm in the meantime. Beware of coming up in weight because I will be standing at the front door waiting.

Rockhold has talked about going up to light heavyweight. The fight does make sense if the UFC and Rockhold will sign off on it. I think we will actually see Gus fight Ovince St. Preux should OSP win later this month.I just don’t know if Dana White will greenlight a fight with for a guy who just got knocked out against the top man in the division.

Although, it seems Dana is all about making fun fights for the fans lately. We will have to stay tuned to see what happens.